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Telus is reknown telecommunication company from Canada founded in 1990. It offers innovative telecommunication products and service across Canada and USA. The service include Internet, Voice, IPTV, data etc has large number of customer base. Telus is well known for its world class service and innovative products. The service and products are well compatible with other devices, so widely used by customers from all demographics. You can also easily setup and use email through Telus webmail.

You need to create your account first in Telus high speed internet to use email function. If you are not able to create your account, you may contact the Telus technical support number. You can also set up your Telus email account on mobile and other device. Here we will discuss how to set up email on iPhone or iPad touch

How to get email on your iPhone and iPad touch?

  1. Select Settings first on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Go to Mail-Contact-Calender
  3. Select Add Accounts
  4. Tap on Other  
  5. Select Add mail account
  6. Provide information like Name, Email, Password
  7. Select Next, and select IMAP for the account type
  8. For incoming server setting – enter the Telus credentials
  9. Dor outgoing server setting- enter required Telus credentials
  10. Select Next and chose the application
  11. Tap on Save and you are done.

How to create Telus Email account?

Creating Telus email account is easy. You can follow below steps to create your Telus email account.

  1. First login to your Telus internet account.
  2. Next you have to select My Profile.
  3. Then from Home Services Profile section, you can select Manage your Home Services on the Classic site.
  4. Next you have to select Telus High Speed from Products and services section.
  5. Next you have to select View details/modify.
  6. Here you can see your existing email from the Email boxes.
  7. Now to activate your email you can contact Telus and get your initial password.
  8. After receiving your password you can access your email by going to

How to recover Telus email account password?

In case you have forgot your Telus email account password then you can recover the same by logging into your Home services account. Process to do the same is as follows:

  1. First log into your account. Then you have to register if you have not registered so far.
  2. Now you can click Your Accounts.
  3. Then click View details/modify from the Telus High Speed section there.
  4. Then you have to click Change Password from the Email boxes section.
  5. Here you have to enter your new password.
  6. Then you have to click Change.
  7. Now your email password has changed.

Now you can use this new password for your Telus email account.

How to configure Telus email?

You can configure Telus email using Office Outlook 2003 by following below steps:

  1. First click Start on your Desktop.
  2. Then click Microsoft office Outlook from the Start menu.
  3. Then click Tools here from the taskbar.
  4. Next click Email Accounts.
  5. Then select new email account.
  6. Then click Next and select IMAP.
  7. Again click Next.
  8. Then you need to enter following information: email address, user name, password, Incoming mail server (IMAP), Outgoing mail server (SMTP).
  9. Then you have to check Remember Password check box.
  10. Next you have to click More settings.
  11. Next check mark in outgoing server (SMTP) to authenticate under the Outgoing server tab.
  12. Next you have to edit Outgoing server (SMTP) to 1025 under the Advanced tab.
  13. Next you have to click OK.
  14. Next you click Next.
  15. At the end click Finish.

Now you are ready with your Telus email account on Office outlook 2003.

How to setup Telus on Iphone?

 You have to follow below steps to setup Telus on your Iphone, Ipad.

  1. First tap Settings.
  2. Then select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. Then tap Add Account.
  4. Then tap Other.
  5. Here you have to select Add Mail Account.
  6. Next you have to provide required information.
  7. After that you tap Next.
  8. For Incoming Mail Server setting and Outgoing Mail server setting you have to enter required information.
  9. Then tap Next. Choose the applications that you want to associate with your account.
  10. At last tap Save.

For any technical query of yours you are welcome to Telus Email Customer Service. If you want solution of your issue on phone you can dial Telus toll free number and Telus Technical support phone number 24/7.

If you are still facing difficulties on creating your email account, call our Telus technical support number today. We are a leading third party remote support provider for Telus email. We offer round the clock support through our customer care number to customer from all around the globe every day. Our Telus helpline number is dedicatedly work for Telus email issues, so that you can more professional and effective solution. We offer solution for issues like problem is sending and receiving email, setting up Telus email account, SMRTP or server error, Spam or virus issues etc.

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Our Telus technical support number is completely secure and affordable, so if have any issues with your Telus email account, call immediately to our Telus email helpline number.



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